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T. Sterling Watson is founder of 3SFX Productions and uses the name to create both visual and audio content since 2011. (Read more here.)

3SFX wants to produce, edit, and package your recorded message into a downloadable format, and help your message spread to a broader audience. Every podcast production will get personalized attention including professional voice overs, editing content for time, and audio restoration to make the best quality broadcast-ready content for your followers and new fans.

3SFX always wants your listening audience to be inspired, informed, entertained and motivated based on the content provided. 3SFX will package your message in a clear recognizable format that your audience will come to expect with each new episode.

Sterling has been called upon to assist in editing, consulting in equipment and/or software, and teaching podcast basics in college classrooms. Below you’ll find the past 3SFX Productions podcasts that are under Sterling’s indoob! Podcast Network.

The Lost Dial Podcast

From 2011-2014, Sterling produced and hosted his first podcast designed as a drive time internet radio show with a few other hosts and guests.

Food Fight Podcast

What’s Food Fight Podcast about? Pineapples on pizza. Cornbread vs biscuits. What is pumpkin spice? And are grits necessary? This panel will debate, celebrate or eliminate what we ruminate. A spin-off and experimental podcast created and hosted by t. sterling watson.

the indoob! podcast

The flagship podcast and production from the indoob! network. A show that mixes knowledge and nonsense design to entertain, educate and provide an escape. Sterling uses this podcast to further experiment with recording software and techniques, mics, sound effects and edits. New episodes are published at least every other week. Learn more at indoob.com.

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