Writer – Director – Producer – Podcaster – Creativity Coach – Genius Generator – Cinephile – Foodie

Hi! I’m T. Sterling Watson…

I have a passion for all audio and visual entertainment productions, from making them to enjoying them and the progression of steps in between. I often keep the perspective of the audience in mind in all that I do, and when I collaborate with others, my main goal is to make their experience as fun and productive as the project will allow.

I have had a strong interest in audio production since I was a teenager, working as the audio engineer and board operator at a church. In college, I was DJ on the campus station and studied TV production before transferring to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and landing a job a 104.9 WIHS as an on-air announcer. At my current church, I run the audio/visual staff and lead webmaster of the church site. I have produced and hosted several podcasts including the indoob! podcast since 2011.

I genuinely enjoy the process of putting together a good show whether I’m behind the boards or behind the mic. My goal is for the audience to remember having a good time and the pleasure I get being apart of that experience.

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