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T. Sterling Watson loves collaborating with others to make great productions, and is always interested in expanding and staying innovated, making use of what resources he has available to him to help others promote themselves or their businesses.

While attending college, studying TV production, Sterling made his first short film, A Quiet Etiquette and also introduced 3S:FX Productions for the first time. A few years later, he attended Connecticut School of Broadcasting to further advance his training and experience in both video and audio production. After graduating, he was a founding member and host of All Noise Radio’s most downloaded podcast, The Lost Dial. He currently produces and hosts his own show called the indoob! podcast.


Podcast Production

Simply put, a podcast is another method to entertain, humor and educate. Production is really the act of creating an episodic or serialized show on a regular basis. From brainstorming show ideas to editing to show notes to publishing the episode. I’m here to oversee, assist and consult with the creation or continuation of what you want to broadcast to your audience.

Voice Talent

As a voice actor, my main duties are to read and record scripts for TV, films, radio, commercials, commentary, audiobooks, or e-learning videos. I also do live and on-air readings for radio and streaming services.

Audio Production

Audio production is a term used for all the stages of production between the actual recording in a studio and the execution of a master recording. Audio Production involves various different stages from sound design, to sound editing, to audio mixing, and finally the addition of effects. Aside from podcasts, I can assist with audio commercials, demo reels, VO and other non-musical compositions.


Coming soon…

Coming soon…